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  • Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Light Source: 40W 60 PCS LED

Solar Panel: 18W 6V

Battery: 3.2V/11000 mAH

Charge Time: 6-7 Hours

Working Time: 3-4 Rainy Days

Available Wattage: 10W,20W,50W


The solar lights work with a principle where solar cell converts energy to electricity stored in crystalline silicon battery. These are quite common to install these days over the streets along the roadsides to consume solar energy during the daytime. These lights are delivered in different colors like yellow and green, which makes the streets look attractive. 


1. It is quite easy to install a solar street light comparatively traditional light. 

2. These lights come up with long-term benefits and have a simple circuit that saves the cost of maintenance. 

3. Solar street lights give out clean energy that accelerates human ecology development and reduces property management costs. 

4. They have a longer life span, which is of about 5 to 10 years. 

5. Solar lights are designed with quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. 


• Battery: 24AH12V HQ Crystalline Silicon Battery

• Controller: Automatic 

• Watts: 30W

• Uniformity of road surface: >0.3

• Max lighting intensity: >5.0 Lux at H=3M

• Suggestive Height: 3 to 4 Meters

• Operating temperature: -40 to +70

• Light curve: rectangular facula

• light casing: Anodized Aluminum Alloy