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Hangchengsolar – The Solar Lights Manufacturer You Can Rely Upon

Solar street lights are great substitutes for standard grid electric lighting solutions. Guangzhou Hangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is the demanding Solar lights manufacturer in China, diligently producing high -quality environment-friendly solar lights for years. Our solar LED street lights provide high-intensity lighting at night while consuming no electricity, and there are so many compelling reasons that make people buy from us.


• We sell Top-quality street lighting without ultra-expensive electrical infrastructure and installation fees. Our systems are fully autonomous; thus, customers prefer us.

• Solar lighting systems are easy to sourced, assembled, and installed in all types of regions, including cloudy and rainy regions so that anyone can opt for our service.

• You can avail of limited and full warranty options to cover your lighting investment.

• Produce by hot-dip galvanized, quality steel poles that are far more durable than you think.

• Wide range of certified fixtures available, e.g., FWC certified fixtures, so go wild choose whatever you want.

Looking For Diversity In Fixture Technology – There You Go

We are making a very significant impact on our customers by providing them diverse light fixture options to give them the best lightning solution according to their needs. As a Solar lights supplier, we have introduced some of the best solar street lights fixtures to make your selection work easier. 

Our Vast Fixture Options

We have introduced so many lumen output options for fixtures ranging from 600 lumens to 12,000 lumens that can make the subjects clear, white light.

All-In-One Fixture Technology

We are proudly selling compact lighting solution that combines all major solar street lighting components in one setup. It's a streamlined option that consumers found super convenient. Check our all-in-one page for more details. 

Easy To Maintain

Once the light is installed, you are done with half of the work. And as far as the maintenance is a concern, our light fixtures are durable and never ask for constant replacement. Where dust and dirt is concerned, they may require frequent cleaning that anyone can afford.